Work as usual throughout Ramadan

MOHD Azman greets policemen after the breaking of fast at Al-Mujahideen Mosque, Tabuan Jaya. Standing next to him is Ahsmon. Photos: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: For law enforcers observing the month-long Ramadan can be quite a challenge against a background of the daily physical and stressful work. 

It can be taxing, especially for Muslim police officers, when they have to handle emergencies; but they take it all in their stride and view the fasting month as a lesson on commitment and solidarity that will prove useful for any policeman on the beat.

The Sarawak police, for one, are carrying out their usual tasks like safety patrols, traffic duties and crime prevention during the fasting month – and until Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

To Police Commissioner Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri, the fasting month is not an excuse for the force to go slow.

“We will continue conducting our normal assignments and crime prevention and safety patrols.

“Our patrols will continue as per usual during this month and we are waiting for manpower to be mobilised during the coming festive occasion,” he said after attending the Iftar Ramadan ceremony with Kuching district police headquarters (IPD) personnel at Al-Mujahideen Mosque, Tabuan Jaya Tuesday night (Mar 28).

In light of the coming Hari Raya, he urged the public to be mindful of their belongings, especially during the weekends and at the end of the month, when going to the bank to withdraw for Raya shopping.

He also advised road users who are going back to their hometowns or villages, to always comply with the road laws.

During the ceremony last night, Mohd Azman presented Ramadan aid to 10 children of Kuching IPD and six widows as well as certificates of appreciation to 10 police officers and personnel for their outstanding performance.

Also present were Sarawak Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department chief SAC Lukas Aket, Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief SAC Wong Ing Fung, Kuching OCPD ACP Ahsmon Bajah and his deputy Supt Merbin Lisa.