Exhibition depicts town’s cultural heritage


SIBU: The Sarawakiana exhibition: Old & New Streets Views of Sibu is not just any ordinary event, but a perfect representation of the rich cultural heritage that Sarawakians, specifically residents of Sibu hold dear.

Head of Sarawakiana department at the State Library (Pustaka) here Nur Amanina said the exhibition is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the rich cultural heritage.

“Art exhibitions such as this come under the preview of the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, help promote to protect and safeguard the rich cultural diversity of our state.

“It is crucial that we promote the importance of cultural heritage preservation not only as a way of honouring the past but also as a way of developing a sense of identity and belonging for the future generations,” she said at the launch of the exhibition at the premises of Pustaka Sibu here.

The exhibition which will end on May 31 showcases 15 pieces of artwork of Sibu watercolour artist Ting Ching Hua.

The exhibition depicts the town’s transformation over the years through Ting’s watercolour paintings.

“It is a visual representation of how we have progressed while still retaining our cultural identity. It highlights that preserving our heritage does not mean being stagnant, it means accepting change while holding onto our roots.

“Through this exhibition, we get to glimpse into the past and appreciate how far we have come as a city to be,” she said.

She hoped that the exhibition will help raise awareness about the importance of local cultural heritage and the need to safeguard it for future generations.