West Malaysias can learn about unity from Sarawakians

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: West Malaysians can learn about unity from Sarawakians, said political analyst Datuk Peter Minos.

Minos was responding to the comments made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on Thursday that West Malaysians can learn from the racial unity that Sarawakians have had for a long time

“That was a pleasant compliment for Sarawak, indicating clearly that there is indeed real and genuine racial and religious harmony and much understanding and tolerance among Sarawakians,” he said.

However, Minos questioned if West Malaysians would be able to learn racial harmony principles from Sarawak.

“It is easier said than done, of course. When travelling to or working in Sarawak, West Malaysians can observe and learn rather than acting arrogantly and behaving like big brothers and sisters.

“A little bit of humility will help to start with,” he pointed out.

He also questioned if West Malaysians would be interested in learning since it is obvious that Sarawakians are often quite open and easygoing about issues of race and religion.

“They believe that there is nothing to dispute, debate, or quarrel over these issues because they were either entirely or partially granted by God.

“Accept the racial origin of another person as well as his or her religious adherence gracefully and respectfully; West Malaysians might observe and imitate it as it is the Sarawakian way,” he said.

Minos stressed that Sarawakians have a lot to impart on and teach their West Malaysian counterparts regarding matters pertaining to unity and harmony.

However, he believed that if they (West Malaysians) don’t make an effort to observe and imitate, nothing can be done.

Minos, who is also the Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman, observed the misunderstanding and even ill-feeling that racial and religious extremists and fanatics created or generated by words or deeds are a problem and a perennial disease in West Malaysia.

He expressed his happiness that Sarawak is free of such things.

He went on to say that some politicians and leaders in West Malaysia truly go overboard when bashing and criticising opponents in the opposition.

“No quarter is given, no face proffered, and no mercy is offered.

This is one source of much bitterness and unhappiness in West Malaysian society.

“Only those in West Malaysia themselves can solve this political ugliness.

We, Sarawakians, cannot help here,” he pointed out.