Sarawak Govt always supportive of Chinese primary schools


SERIAN: The Sarawak government is always supportive of Chinese primary schools, says Deputy Premier Datuk Seri Dr Sim Hui Kian.

He pointed out that every Chinese primary school in Sarawak serves students of all races, which shows the spirit of unity.

“The most important thing is that we all need and respect unity. The harmony shown in Chinese primary schools serves as a model for the Sarawak 2030 ambition.

“Sarawak 2030 is going to be inclusive, going to be the most prosperous, but we don’t want Sarawak to be so rich and become polarised and divisive.

“If you look at any country that is divisive, at war; no matter how rich they are, everyone suffers,” he told reporters after officiating at the new academic block of SJK Chung Hua Batu 35 here yesterday.

He then noted that the 85-year journey of SJK Chung Hua Batu 35 Serian was not easy but it has contributed many talents to Sarawak and nation-building.

Dr Sim asserted that the completion of the new academic block demonstrated the spirit of togetherness.

“Ten years ago, even the land where this school is located was already state land.

“And yet, today, because of perseverance and because of how everybody came together, we are able to not only keep the school but actually expand it further.

“That’s why the Sarawak government tries very hard; under the new government, we want to have religious autonomy, health autonomy, and education autonomy,” he added.