Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) raises membership fees to RM10


MIRI: Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) has announced that its membership fees has increased from RM5 to RM10 with a personal insurance package of a sum insured at RM100,000.

According to STU president Kullin Djayang, during the launching of the campaign recently, the move is seen as timely and in accordance with the current situation.

He said that the STU membership fees had not been changed since 2000 and the move to increase the fees this year was timely.

“The increase in STU fees has only been done once, in 2000 from RM2 to RM5, therefore this year STU has launched a campaign to increase membership fees from RM5 to RM10 along with various packages that would greatly benefit all members including accident insurance offering up to RM100,000 for all eligible members,” he pointed out.

Also present at the event held at a leading hotel in Simanggang were STU secretary Chung Fui San, STU executive committee members and its committee members from the Sri Aman branch.

During the launch of the campaign, an academic excellence incentive programme was also held, whereby children of STU members who have excelled in their public examinations for the year 2021 received their rewards.

Kullin added that the campaign was carried out to fulfil the motion that was approved during the STU’s Biannual Representative Session (BDC) last September.

At the BDC, all delegates unanimously agreed to carry out this campaign for the benefit of its members.

He said so far STU had only been able to provide insurance policy death benefits to all of its members.

“However, if members do not purchase any insurance, then we feel very sad because there is no compensation for their beneficiaries or nominees when involved in accidents…but with this package plus the increase of membership fees, STU’s members and their families will receive appropriate compensation,” Kullin explained.