Sunday, October 2, 2022

AmBank to inculcate ESG culture into its workforce

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KUCHING: The AmBank Group continues to complement its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) best practices with the latest initiative in highlighting the awareness of reducing carbon footprint at workplace amongst its employees.

In its sustainability journey, various awareness and education programmes have been actively conducted for its employees to appreciate the relationship between business and sustainability goals, particularly in minimising the carbon footprint.

AmBank Group, Group chief human resource officer, Rohani Mustaffa said each employee is able to play a role in caring for and healing Mother Earth, and this starts with the first step of practicing and making a conscious effort to reduce, reuse, recycle in their daily routine.

“These changes may seem small and may not reduce our carbon footprint overnight, but with our employees’ unified perseverance coupled with our commitment to a sustainable difference will certainly have a significant long-term impact,” she said.

She added that by raising awareness and setting high standards in the workplace, staff can be encouraged to carry their eco habits from the workplace into their home as well as make a positive difference to their personal carbon footprint.

“No doubt, the road ahead will be complex, as the world’s transition to a more sustainable future will require collective action and major technological breakthroughs.

“In doing our part, it is imperative for AmBank to inculcate the ESG culture into its workforce and we believe by doing so, the multiplier effect will eventually prevail,” he said.

Meanwhile, AmBank Group Head of Sustainability Datin Zameema Ariff said the Group will be committed to educating, integrating and creating solutions for a green future.

“With the implementation of relevant sustainability-related strategies and initiatives, we pledge to grow sustainably while prioritising ESG risks and opportunities.

“These strategies and initiatives are an important part of the Group’s focus on long-term shareholder value creation by advancing its goals through a Group-wide approach in sustainability,” she said.

In order to keep the momentum going, the Group has also planned to develop various ESG-related webinars as part of its ongoing virtual learning series including corresponding training programmes and digital courses for its employees.

AmBank Group is a leading financial services group with over 40 years of expertise in supporting the economic development of Malaysia.

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