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Flying doctors to visit five districts from Aug 16 to Aug 23

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Rural residents in Kuching, Samarahan, Miri, Bintulu and Kapit districts will be getting visits from the flying doctor service this month.

The State Health Department in a statement today said the doctors will visit communities in these places from Aug 16 to Aug 23.

In Kuching, the doctors will be visiting Kampung Bojong Sting and Kpg Rejoi Nyegol on Aug 19 while on Aug 22 the doctors will be at Kpg Muk Ayun.

As for Samarahan district, the visit to Plaie Atas and Pendawan will be on Aug 16; SRK Tuba Tengah on Aug 17; and Muding and Kpg Ijok on Aug 18.

In the Miri district, the visit to Long Buken, Ba’ Ajeng and Long Kawi will be on Aug 16, Aug 17 and Aug 18 respectively.

On Aug 19, the doctors will be visiting Rumah (Rh.) Drick, Jelalong, Tubau and Rh. Felix, Tubau in Bintulu district; Rh. Robert, Ulu Kakus and Long Biyak, Ulu Kakus on Aug 22; and Rh. Renang, Sigu and Rh. Jaling, Sigu on Aug 23.

For the Kapit district, the doctors will be visiting Long Unai on Aug 16; Sang Anau and Batu Keling on Aug 17; Long Jawe and Long Kebuho on Aug 18; Long Tanyit on Aug 19; Punan Busang and Lusong Laku on Aug 22; and Long Kajang as well as Long Abit on Aug 23.

For any inquiries or information, contact assistant chief medical officer Junaidi Othman at 082-473200 (ext. 296) or 013-8416795.


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