Sunday, October 2, 2022

Be a little nosy when it comes to drug abuse activities

Secara Rawak

SERIAN: People have little choice but be a little nosy when it comes to drug activities in the community.

They should not shrug and look away in the greater interest of the common good, said State Deputy Police Commissioner Datuk Mancha Ata.

“We always hear the saying jangan jaga tepi kain orang (to not poke one’s nose into others’ business).

“But in the fight against drugs, we have to poke our nose into their business including our relatives and neighbours to eradicate this issue,” he said at the Serian District Town Hall Programme here today.

Towards this end Mancha called on the public to directly report all drug-related activities in the community to the authorities.

Efforts to eradicate drug-related issues rest both on the shoulders of the authorities as well as the public who serve as the eyes and ears on the ground, he said.

He warned that drug abuse typically lead to broken homes and unemployment, adding that it would also contribute to other social problems and ultimately, criminal offences.

“Some are willing to injure others, to the point of causing death to a close family member. We don’t want our generation to be destroyed by the effects of drugs,” he stressed.

He explained that police always carry out drug eradication operations through Op Tapis and have arrested a total of 5,491 people involved in drug abuse from January to July this year.

In the Serian Division, he said, a total of 170 people were arrested in the same period.

“The number will increase if this issue is not eradicated,” he said, calling for the close cooperation of the


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