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Dayak Think Tank collaborate with rock band Masterpiece

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: The Dayak Think Tank Association Sarawak (DTTAS) will collaborate with rock band Masterpiece to contribute towards community activities and rural human capital development projects.

According to DTTAS founder Wellie Henry Majang in a statement on Today (August 8), the initiative is seen as the best platform for fostering corporate social responsibility (CSR) that can have an impact on society and other parties.

“With this strategic collaboration, DTTAS and Masterpiece can start moving actively to carry out various activities and programmes towards developing the Dayak community.

“Through the aspects of education, expertise and brilliant ideas sparked by Dayak professionals and intellectuals as well as fighting for the mission and vision of DTTAS.”

Wellie also noted that the collaboration was a notable moment as the Sarawak Iban rock band is considered one of the most influential and important bands.

“To date, they have received various awards. The top awards won (by Masterpiece) include Most Popular Group, voted by fans via SMS at the 2010 Dayak Music Awards, and Best Rock Artist at the 2014 Dayak Music Awards.”

Wellie also said that with the collaboration and one of the members, Willy Edwin, officially joining DTTAS, he hopes they would be able to preserve cultural uniqueness and safeguard welfare, interests, and rights.

“As well as eradicate poverty and improve socioeconomic status by achieving the mission through education, policy development, and legislative processes.

“At the same time, DTTAS and Masterpiece also urged related government agencies to help students who excel in academics but are unable to continue their studies to a higher level.

“This can help those with potential and talent to continue to have the opportunity to compete and succeed in the academic field and prevent them from dropping out.

“With this, we can produce a generation that is knowledgeable and skilled in realising the standard of professionalism.”

For the records, DTTAS was established to fight for Dayak interests, create fair and equitable services, and contribute to the development and improvement of the Dayak community.

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