Thursday, August 18, 2022

Emergency equipment placed at hotspots throughout Sarawak to save lives

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: A number of Life-Saving Appliances (LiSA) equipment have been placed in numerous public hotspots across Sarawak, especially near beaches and rivers.

Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Director Datuk Seri Mohammad Hamdan Wahid said the LiSA equipment contains a few emergency tools like a lifejacket, a lifesaving bouy tube, first aid kit and others that can be used by the public during an emergency.

“We have identified the hotpots here especially at beaches and rivers where most people spent their time for recreational activities as well as for fishing activities.

“I was told that the equipment has been placed in Miri, and other locations such as Bau and Telok Melano will follow suit.

“We have identified these locations where there a lot of people coming to spend their holidays and swimming or taking a dip in the ocean and in rivers,” said Hamdan.

Hamdan was asked about this after officiating at the Fire Safety Campaign and Water Safety Campaign at the Bomba exhibition booth at the Jelajah Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia (JAKM) today.

“During an emergency, the public can open the locker with a key. Once open, a siren will sound off and gives off a distress signal to nearby Bomba station. They will locate the signal through the global positioning system,” he added.

Hamdan also said the LiSA equipment will be placed in areas that are prone to drowning incidents where there is a risk of high rising of waters and also that caused more fatalities within the period of three years.

“When there is someone drowning, do not go into the water save them by yourself and instead use the LiSA equipment and the emergency tools.

“The inability to swim along with strong currents will only add to the number of fatalities by drowning,” he said.

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