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Batik linut going to Middle East countries

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Textile arts from Malaysia including ‘batik linut’ from Sarawak will be introduced for the first time in the Middle East countries.

Federal Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri said the promotion involved the participation of local fashion designers to produce textile arts such as ‘batik’, ‘tenun’ and ‘songket’.

“We have never brought textiles to Middle East countries and I think we need to introduce our textiles there, in the form of batik like ‘batik linut’.

“We want our designers to show to the world that we have our own textiles that can be attractive to them as well,” she said during her visit to a ‘batik linut’ premises at Coco Cabana on Friday.

Speaking to reporters on that day, Nancy also said the ministry was interested in holding a large-scale show in Dubai for that purpose.

According to her, the project is still in the planning process as they are inviting the participation of many fashion designers.

“We are planning to do promotions outside Malaysia such as in London or Paris but so far we are planning in Dubai first and foremost,” she added.

Regarding ‘batik linut’, she praised the efforts of entrepreneur like Diana Rose and Sarawak Crafts Council in introducing the new textile art which is the result of the innovation of handicraft art using local product which is ‘linut’ from sago flour to produce batik.

The initiative to introduce ‘linut’ as an alternative to wax was implemented in 2019 and a ‘Batik Linut’ Technical Production Laboratory was held with 30 participants in Mukah.

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