Sunday, August 7, 2022

St Patrick’s students to represent state in robotics contest

Secara Rawak

MUKAH: Six students from SMK St Patrick here aced the Robotics and Coding (RAC) Competition, and earned the chance to represent Sarawak at the national level contest in September.

They are Owen Davian Sham, Norshafira Madian, Carl Hansen, Amanda Adreanna Mary Rose, Saleisha Rivera Simon, and Gabriel Kamlok Alban Romeo.

11 SPS students participated in RAC 2022 online using the concept of “hands on rero: micro”, according to Ismandi Dillah, the teacher and coach of the SPS Robotics Team.

Participants are required to respond to all theoretical questions based on coding entirely online individually. He said that 4,328 students from across the state had taken part in RAC 2022.

“The objective of being a part of this team is to churn out students who are disciplined, committed to the duties assigned. It exposes students to analytical thinking and robotics.”

For this phase, participants must give robot coding and experimental testing on finished robots and coding, but at the national level, groups (with a maximum of three members) are required, and all members must receive scores of at least 80 per cent on theoretical tests.

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