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RM500,000 prizes for kids, youth

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PRIZES worth up to RM500,000 await winners in Malaysia Techlympics 2022, a nationwide programme to spark awareness, drive interest and cultivate the creation of ideas in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

An initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia Techlympics 2022 will commence from March to November 2022. It is expected to attract one million students and youths aged seven to 30 to participate in what is the largest nationwide initiative to enculturate STI through fun and informal learning.

Malaysia Techlympics 2022 aspires to produce 2,000 ideas with commercialisation potential. Various learning activities including workshops, webinars and quizzes will be conducted online at 50 locations at the school, district, state and national levels to produce a future generation of far-sighted innovators and changemakers.

Participants will be exposed to inquiry-based and project-based learning in science, engineering, computing and microcomputing, Internet of things, robotics, drones, mathematics, creative design and animation and 3D printing and development.

According to research, Malaysian students’ interest and appreciation of science were high over the years, but they have very low confidence in the subject.

Malaysia Techlympics 2022 therefore, is a key initiative to improve scientific skills and reasoning, while enabling youths to sharpen their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, leading to increased confidence in the subject matter.

It provides an inclusive and integrated platform for an integrated STI approach, to ensure that the scientific concepts can be related to daily life.

The programmes are designed to foster ideas to address current issues faced by Malaysians – which include solutions for post-covid-19 recovery, environment and climate change, health and well-being, the next big things, jobs, connectivity and mobility, food security and sustainability, technology and innovation and more.


The 25 competitions will cover five themes, namely artificial intelligence and data science, space exploration, drones and their applications, famous technology as well as innovation for public wellness and environmental sustainability.

The artificial intelligence and data science theme consists of five competitions on artificial intelligence for youth, technovation, data science, children’s computational thinking and an open artificial intelligence competition.

The space exploration theme encompasses three competitions, namely a space innovation competition, a space base challenge and a cubesat challenge.

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