Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Cat lovers also feel the pinch

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Are cat lovers still willing to spend a certain amount of money to buy pet food even though the price of goods has skyrocketed?

With Malaysian food inflation expected to increase due to rising global commodity prices, disruptions in the domestic supply chain as well as the depreciation of the ringgit, cat food prices are also likely to rise.

Nurul Husna Shamsudin

Nurul Husna Shamsudin, 30, says there is no denying that the price of cat food is increasing even though it is only an increase of between RM2 and RM5, depending on the type of cat food.

“However, it also affects consumers and animal lovers like us because this cat food usually runs out in less than a week.

“This is just dried cat food, not to mention their wet food such as chicken or fish, which we know the price is going up at the moment,” she told Suara Sarawak on Friday (July 1).

Husna, who has eight cats, also hopes that the price of pet food will recover in the near future so that cat lovers will not be burdened.

“This is just felt by me, who only keeps eight cats. What about those who have up to a dozen of cats, they must be burdened by this price increase.”

Nur Fatehin Sampudin

For Nur Fatehin Sampudin, she and her family are also aware that the price of cat food has gone up.

“Previously, I bought cat food for as low as RM30 but now due to inflation, it has risen to RM36.

“It affects my daily expenses, including transportation and other daily spending.”

Fatehin and her family currently spend at least RM150 a week for all 12 cats in their care.

She hoped that the government would take immediate action to control prices and find the best solution to this issue.

“We do not want, as a result of the increase in prices, some owners may decide to abuse these animals (by throwing them away).”

Syamim Noordin

Syamim Noordin, who sells cat food from home, said: “Without a doubt, the cost to make pet food has increased, making the selling price go up in the process.”

Syamim, who produces cat food using natural ingredients, is under pressure to increase her price as chicken, fish and eggs have gone up in price.

She started the business in 2019, selling cat food at RM10 per 700g but now has to sell it at RM12 per 700g.

“My cat food uses egg yolk, chicken, fish, sweet pumpkin and potato. When the prices for these ingredients go up, I have no choice but to raise my price as well.

“I hope my customers will understand the situation that we are facing at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Suara Sarawak‘s survey of supermarkets on Friday found that the price of cat food is between RM4 and RM20 for regular while for premium, it could reach as high as RM90 per packet.

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