Friday, August 19, 2022

An open letter to Bank Negara Malaysia

Secara Rawak

KUCHING; Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Public Complaint Bureau has questioned the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on the action taken against banks that do not follow the central bank’s standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidelines.

Its bureau chief Milton Foo in an open letter to the BNM, has also raised his concern on the time frame given to a bank to complete investigation and render ‘fair redress’ to their customer or victim.

“Besides, I would like to ask if it was a violation of BNM’s SOP for a bank to allow multiple online transfers within the same day without taking the relative alert or sensitivity and due precaution measures such as calling the customer to check the authenticity of transfer,” he said.

With the increase of cases of unauthorised online banking and card transactions reported recently, Foo has demanded the central bank to act against bank account holders and owners who lent their mule accounts to fraudulent syndicates and criminals.

“We want to know what are the actions to be taken against these account owners and ensure proper communication and fair redress for customers who falls into victim to these scams,” he stressed.

Since June 10, Foo said, the SUPP public complaints bureau has six reports on scams involving losses amounting to more than RM100,000.

He said BNM should have taken a pre-emptive measure and directed all banks and financial institutions to freeze and investigate the recipient’s or mule account holders that were reported by the victims.

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