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12 outstanding achievers in SPM

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KUCHING: Ngu Khang Wei has done Lodge National Secondary School proud by scoring 9A+ in the 2021 SPM.

The outstanding achiever, known for his great personality among peers and his teachers, obtained A+ for BM, English, Sejarah, Moral, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

This year, 12  high achievers of the school scored straight As and they are: Siaw Yue Zhao (4A+, 5A, 1A-) ; Cavan Bong Lian Sheng (7A+, 2A); Peggy Pang Pei Qi (7A+, 2A); Vaness Lim Yu En (7A+, 2A);  Tan Yu Chen (7A+, 1A, 1A-); Bernard Lim Thin Eu (6A+, 3A); Amy Kho Yien Xing (6A+, 2A, 1A-); Cheng Ching Jie (5A+, 3A, 1A-); Charis Law Yi En (4A+, 2A, 3A-); Tan Lik Fun (3A+, 5A, 2A-); Kimberlee Chai En Qi (2A+, 5A, 2A-) and  Lau Ee Rhong (2A+, 5A, 2A-).

Lodge National Secondary School is proud with the superb achievement of its 2021 Form 5 students in their SPM examination.  This year, the school sees an   impressive improvement in subjects like English with 97.27% of students achieving A, Mathematics with 86.36%, Sciences with 68.42%, Moral with 60.78%, Islamic Studies with 50%, History with 41.82%, Physics with 40% and Bahasa Melayu with 38.18%.

“Heartiest congratulations to all 2021 Form 5 students, parents and teachers for the job well done! Wishing 2021 Form 5 great success in their future undertakings,”said the school in its statement.

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