Thursday, August 18, 2022

250,000 Borneo Cultural Museum visitors so far

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Hamzah said the new Borneo Cultural Museum has received 250,000 visitors as of yesterday since its opening on March 9.

Abdul Karim who is also Minister for Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development was yesterday speaking to reporters at the handing over of the state flag to the chef de mission, Rhemy Romeo Jamal of the Sarawak Museum Department’s 31-member contingent for the 2022 International Museum Day national level celebration in Kota Bahru, Kelantan from June 16 till June 25.

“For the event as in previous years, it will take place for a week. Many activities like sports, games, community engagement and exhibitions and all states will send their respective delegation and Sarawak’s delegation will be there as well,” he said.

“The next event which will be held in Sarawak will be organised on a bigger scale as the new museum has received 250,000 visitors as of yesterday from its March 9 opening.

“The United States’ Ambassador also said he is very amazed that the new museum is of high international standard. It’s only right that the event will be held on a larger scale in Sarawak next year and we know that every state will send their own big delegation next year as well,” Abdul Karim said.

On the old museum project, he said the physical aspect had already completed and the problem currently was to arrange the artefacts for public display.

“I have given them two years to complete and if possible, less than a year is better. From my feedback, the museum is not able to reopen to the public in a year’s time and takes at least two years.

“This is understandable as it is necessary to control the (room) temperature otherwise the artefacts can disintegrate very fast. It needs the correct temperature and every artefact needs a detailed description,’ he explained.

On seminars, Abdul Karim said for museums, it cannot run away from organising seminars and this is also important so as to foster a closer rapport between the museums.

“And we will be organising sports and games and participation from every state is anticipated including Sarawak. It is a good tourism event as besides having their conferences, seminar, sports, we can use that as a tourism event because if 13 or 14 states are participating, and with 30 to 31 people from every state, the hotels, souvenir shops and eating places will be very happy,” he said.

On the state’s aquarium project, he said the ministry has plans and is awaiting feedback as to whether to continue with the aquarium project adding that the aquarium is too small unless there is a plan to expand it.

Similarly, on the plant house project which is located nearby to Fort Margherita, Abdul Karim said that there are various plans to make it more attractive for those who want to have a garden wedding or having hi tea but all are not confirmed as the ministry needs to bring it to the relevant authorities for further feedback.

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