Friday, July 1, 2022

Hope towards PBB 1828

Secara Rawak

YOUTH in Satok constituency are looking forward to the establishment of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) new wing – PBB 1828 – to cater for those aged 18 to 28.

Sharing their comments on the matter with New Sarawak Tribune, they expressed that they are awaiting for it to be formed so that they can be absorbed as members and voice their concerns relating to the youth.

With the formation of the new wing, they said that it would further serve as a platform for them to raise the concerns of the age group.

Several of the youths met at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) yesterday shared their experience in attending the DUN sitting for the first time.

Ahmad Daniel Ahmad Hatta

Ahmad Daniel Ahmad Hata, 20, UNIMAS Accounting Programme student

“I hope that the new PBB Youth Wing will become an inclusive avenue that supports and brings exposure to the youth of the political world and inspires a new generation of leaders.

“From my experience of witnessing the DUN sitting, it has inspired me to continue our struggle in the political arena especially for Satok constituency.

“In this regard, I hope that many programmes will be done by the state government that benefit especially the youth so that we are exposed to the world of politics,” he said.

Mohammad Reduan

Mohammad Zulhilmi Abang Mohammad Reduan, 20, UNIMAS Computer Science and Information Technology Programme student

“Most of the youths are inexperienced and have different mindset from older political members. As such, having the older members to listen to the voices of the young ones through this new wing later on, will bring about greater interest among the youth to engage in politics for the greatness of their country.

“As for my experience in looking at the DUN Sitting, I felt impressed to witness the professionalism shown by the speakers (elected representatives).

Asri Hazwan Harun, 20, A Level Programme graduate of German-Malaysian Institute

“I hope that the PBB 1828 would be a new platform where the youths in Sarawak are given the chance to speak their minds.

“I also believe that the PBB 1828 would play a major role in the decision making to decide the direction that our state is moving towards. It is time to make a change, to make a better Sarawak, a new Sarawak, where the veteran politicians and seasoned ministers can lead and teach the youths into better leaders for the sake of Sarawak.

Asri Hazwan

“I hope the state government sets up a progressive plan to involve youth in our state politics.

“It is also our dream for any political party to expand beyond politics where they give us a chance to spread out our wings and allow us to contribute to the political arena. We hope to become a tool that could be utilised fully for the benefit of Sarawak.

Irdina Fikriyah Rajak, 20, UNIMAS Computer Science and Information Technology Programme student

“I hope that the proposed PBB 1828 can unite the youths and the older generations. It will encourage the younger generation to be more interested in politics.

“I hope the government will give more chances to the youth to engage themselves in politics. I also hope they will be given the chance to show their potential by letting them speak and making their voices be heard.

“It was a great experience to be able to witness the DUN sitting. As someone who is interested in politics, I was in awe of how amazing the speakers (elected representative) are.

Irdina Fikriyah Rajak


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