Monday, May 16, 2022

Professionals urged to join Civil Defence Force

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I strongly urge more women to join the Civil Defence Force of Malaysia as volunteers or associate officers. The force has always welcomed members of the public and professionals to join them and contribute their expertise.

Subject matter experts in their own field can contribute in their own ways. I am sure the Civil Defence Force and the country can benefit from such ideas, experiences and input. Hence, I call on all individuals to serve wholeheartedly and sign up to join.

Professionals from all walks of life such as such as doctors, academicians and even safety and health practitioners can contribute greatly to the force. Their expertise can aid civil defence functions especially when it comes to disaster management and even coordination and planning.

It must be noted that assets of the force are not only limited to physical machineries such as light utility trucks, ambulance vans and boats but also that of contributions from volunteers and professionals.

It is not about monetary remunerations or titles. Serve sincerely to the country without expecting anything in return. I myself have just started a family and I know that family commitments makes up a huge part of a mother’s day not to mention work commitment as well. I know that it is difficult to juggle both. However, we should always be reminded of our civic duty to King and country.

I am also aware of how the Civil Defence Force provides the appropriate training for all its volunteers and associate officers. It ranges from tactical training to class room training on matters pertaining to vivil defence duties. For example the theories of Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), water safety and even to SCUBA diving courses.

I myself drew inspiration from my brother who is an associate officer with the Civil Defence Force. Like myself, he is also a working adult, but he proved to me that it is possible to juggle work and his commitments to the Civil Defence Force.

We are all children of Malaysia and let us serve the country from the sincerity of our hearts. It makes us a better person and it contributes to a better Malaysia.

Yeap Ming Li
Subang Jaya, Selangor

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