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Quality living through affordable housing

Secara Rawak

THE provision of affordable housing by the Sarawak Government has given access to quality living for all strata of society.

With aspirations to impart guaranteed quality living for Sarawakians, the state has also implemented various schemes and assistance to further elevate the people’s standard of living.

These include the Village Expansion Scheme (SPK), Resettlement Scheme (SPS), construction assistance and longhouse renovation schemes.

Up to August 31 this year, a total of 24,086 lots have been provided under SPK, while 26,328 lots were laid out under SPS.

Amenities such as paved roads, concrete ditches and walled lots as general improvements of basic infrastructures for the convenience and comfort of residents in SPKs and SPSs were also being built at a cost of RM267.9 mln.

On top of this, the land premium for SPS and SPK residential lots have been set not to exceed RM2,500 per lot for it to be more affordable in the long run, while the cost of preparing each lot and infrastructure amounting to between RM100,000 and RM120,000 is fully borne by the Sarawak Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government.

Sarawakians from the B40 group are also able to purchase houses under the state government’s housing developments projects for RM120,000 or less as part of the long-term plans for structured development in urban areas, and to ensure that those in the B40 group would not be displaced.

A total of 1,000 individuals under B40 looking to purchase their homes have benefited from approved housing loans totaling more than RM117 mln through the Mutiara Mortgage and Credit Sdn Bhd.

Under the Rumah Spektra Permata (RSP) Programme, the state government has built 793 units of houses since 2017.

For B40 groups residing in rented residences in urban areas, a House Rental Subsidy assistance was also put in motion to further alleviate their cost of living.

As for the Longhouse Loan Scheme, an allocation of RM50 mln from the Sarawak Government has been of use by 1,604 longhouse doors since 2020.

An allocation of RM984 mln under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) was also allocated for the Urban Renewal Programme to provide conducive and orderly new settlements.

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