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GPS Padungan candidate unveils election manifesto

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KUCHING: Gabungan Parti Sarawak candidate for Padungan Datuk Wee Hong Seng aims to improve access to healthcare and welfare facilities in the constituency.

In his campaign manifesto, the Kuching South City Council mayor said this included a systematic set-up and the promotion of aged care and welfare centres.

“I also want to propose to the state government and in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) more funding to upgrade community centres, sports facilities and youth centres on top of building more pedestrian sidewalks and cycling lanes to encourage healthy living and ensure greater access to more public and private healthcare facilities in Padungan,” he told a press conference held via Zoom yesterday (Friday).

Wee said he also planned to return Padungan to its ‘former glory days’ as the Kuching City centre by improving and facilitating post Covid-19 pandemic commercial activities.

He promised to advocate regulations and legislative changes in the August House to better preserve Padungan’s unique historical and cultural values.

“Apart from that, I will focus on making Padungan a priority area for Sarawak’s Tourism planning; propose legislations and implement business-friendly policies that will nhance ease of doing business and set up employment centres to bridge demand (employers) and supply (job seekers) of the labour market in Padungan,” he added.

To improve infrastructure development projects in Padungan,  Wee said his party would ensure consistent funding from the state government in increasing and improving Padungan’s public infrastructure such as roads, buildings and public amenities.

“We will also introduce and implement new technologies in the development of Padungan’s infrastructure and ensure adequate and better coverage of public transportation routing to the Padungan area by  engaging with commuters from the constituency through the state assembly service centre.”

On constituents’ safety and security, Wee said he would ensure the installation of more CCTVs  in Padungan to prevent crime and promote safer conditions for the locals.

“Crime prevention entities will also be empowered and facilitated to improve regulations related to crime prevention. I will also advocate the setting up of rehabilitation and training centres for the unemployed within Padungan and Kuching, so that no one will have to resort to street crime.”

Wee added he would also advocate the digitalisation of traditional businesses by  providing adequate funding, assistance and facilities in Padungan for businesses looking to transform digitally.

“I will also ensure proper and fast implementation of the state government’s digital transformation programmes in Padungan and advocate  the setting up of incubation centres for start-ups to attract more youth and make the constituency vibrant,” he added.

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