Saturday, December 4, 2021

Six more fishing communities get help

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Six fishing communities within the Santubong, Sadong Jaya and Kabong fishery districts received project equipment worth over RM189,000 under the 2021 Food Security Fund on Wednesday (Nov 10).

The beneficiaries are from Kampung Salak, Kampung Buntal and Kampung Bako (Santubong); Sadong Jaya 1 and Sadong Jaya 2 (Sadong Jaya); and Kampung Beladin (Kabong).

Sarawak Marine Fisheries Department development and technology transfer branch head Lindy Enggong said there are a total of 10,828 fishermen with 5,103 licensed fishing vessels in the state thus far.

While the responsibility of managing and conserving the country’s fisheries resources is under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Fisheries Department, the challenges faced in the management of fisheries resources not involve the issue of sustainable exploitation and equitable distribution of resources but also the need to increase production while protecting the marine environment from pollution, habitat degradation and others.

The Food Security Fund 2021, among other things, seeks to help increase production as well as improve the economic status of fishing community households.

He pointed out that the state had received an allocation of RM811,000 under the Food Security Fund project for the development and technology transfer branch.

“Last month, the department held handing over of equipment ceremonies at the Sematan and Sebuyau fishery districts involving allocations of up to RM140,580.20.

“Today, we are handing over equipment amounting to RM189,593.85 to 22 fishermen from six fishing communities in three districts.

“In addition, 17 of them will also be receiving insulated boxes worth RM11,050,” he said while officiating at the handover ceremony at the Marine Fisheries Office Division One, Santubong.

In Santubong district, Kampung Salak fishing community received equipment worth RM29,582; Kampung Buntal worth RM41,815.35; and Kampung Bako worth RM20,416.95.

Meanwhile, three fishermen from Sadong Jaya 1 fishing community received equipment amounting to RM26,394 and three from Sadong Jaya 2 received RM29,421 worth of equipment.

As for the Kampung Beladin fishing community, the department presented equipment worth RM42,593.70 to three recipients.

Lindy said that among the main objectives of the Food Security Fund 2021 is to increase production and productivity of the agro-food sector to meet self-sufficiency; ensuring that agricultural entrepreneurs earn a decent income and make sure that food production does not decline; as well as ensuring the food supply is adequate and is safe for consumption.

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