Monday, October 25, 2021

Relevant SOPs must be established as tourism reopens

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ASAJAYA: While the reopening of the tourism industry is highly anticipated, relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be put in place prior to its resumption.

Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, in saying this, pointed out that necessary precautionary measures must be taken, and the reopening should not be done too abruptly.

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister said the State Disaster Management Committee has done a great deal to ensure that the people are aware of the presence of Covid-19 and how to avoid it.

“The people have been moulded to abide by the SOPs throughout the duration of the pandemic. The people know exactly what to do in this situation and that means there is a high level of awareness.

“The people are also aware of the dangers of Covid-19 and continue to remain vigilant against the disease.

“I think the tourism industry can be resumed but it has to be done one step at a time. (Before that), we have to set the necessary SOPs,” he said at a press conference after officiating at the Asajaya Community Policing Programme at Asajaya District Office yesterday (Sept 20).

He pointed out that restrictions posted by the current SOPs should also be reduced once Sarawak is ready to open its doors to tourists.

“The requirement of having taken a reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test in order to stay at a hotel, for example, will deter people from travelling to Sarawak.

“However, we still encourage SOPs such as wearing face masks and so on to be implemented,” he added.

Abdul Karim also said that the reopening of the tourism sector will also benefit the economic growth of the state and the country.

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