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The Sarawak Initiatives Leadership Programme 2021

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The Sarawak Initiatives (TSI), a non-profit organisation committed to Building a Better Sarawak through human capital development, will be organising a leadership programme to be launched on the gazetted Sarawak Independence Day, 22 July 2021.

The TSI Leadership Programme is organised for aspiring and current leaders seeking personal development and knowledge in nation building that requires them to possess a wide general knowledge of diverse subjects that are crucial to good decision making. Good leaders are expected to show courage, strength of character, integrity, capability in managing a nation and its resources for its peoples and many other virtues of good leadership.

 TSI is taking a first step towards realising this vision of building good leaders through this unprecedented event of having more than 30 prominent people and highly qualified lecturers to impart their valuable experience and knowledge to the aspiring and current leaders who hold the responsibility of nation-building in delivering the dream of “A Better Sarawak” to its citizens. TSI would like to express its gratitude to all the lecturers who are the “Stars of Sarawak” for coming so strongly to support a good cause. 

The leadership programme will cover a wide range of topics including History, Principles of Government, Education, Human Rights, Integrity, Gender Equality, Economics, Technology, Religious Liberty, and a host of other topics related to nation building. 

“TSI believes that leaders of tomorrow must prepare their citizens to create new ideas, embrace change and be ready to enter the mainstream of the global system moving ahead in this 21st century.” 

“In a competitive and constantly changing world, where technological evolution is moving at light speed, disruptions have now become a norm and developments around the world are getting more complex where people are getting more educated, sophisticated and more demanding.”

“Modern times and modern generations expect modern leaders who are knowledgeable and adhere to a core value of competency and integrity,” the CSO said.

A special feature of the TSI Leadership Programme is the coverage on the aspects of creating “A Sarawak Identity” to be derived from a kaleidoscope of beautiful diverse cultures. TSI would like to try to rediscover our evolving cultures, traditions, music, mythologies, and art and see if we could create a new dimension to our Sarawak identity as we enjoy diverse identities of other nations.

TSI hopes that aspiring and current leaders will learn abundantly from the TSI Leadership Programme and that the opportunity provided to interact amongst themselves and the lecturers would imbue a sense of integrity and responsibility of the highest standard for nation building. 

Participants will get to interact with renowned speakers in various fields such as Professor Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram who will touch on Malaysian Economic Development: Experience and Options, Professor Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi who will lecture on “The Special Position of Sabah and Sarawak under the Federal Constitution”, Professor Dr Johan Saravanamuttu who will talk about “Power Sharing in a Divided Nation” and many more other movers and shakers of political, economic, and social ideologies.

Political analyst, Professor Dr James Chin will lecture on “Past, Present and Future Political Landscape of Sarawak” and Professor Dr Wong Chin Huat will talk on A Decentralised Malaysia for Sarawak while Professor Edmund Terence Gomez will lecture on Reforming GLCs in Malaysia.

Former Chief Justice of Malaysia Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Richard Malanjum will be presenting a lecture on Democracy and The Rule of Law in Malaysia while former Chief Judge of The High Court of Sabah and Sarawak, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima David Wong Dak Wah will give a lecture on A Progressive Judiciary and Dato Seri Mohd Hishamuddin Yunus, Siti Kasim and Professor Dr Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi will give lectures on subjects related to “Religious Liberty”. 

The TSI Leadership Programme full list of lecturers and lecture topics is available in the TSI website

The series of webinars by prominent lecturers will be a continuous programme consisting of lectures, debates, forums, and workshops. The whole programme will be very interesting and will take on a new level of learning experience through all these features plus the sharing of specially selected pre-recorded lectures and documentaries by international renowned personalities. 

Participants will be able to engage with the lecturers through the Q&A session after the lecture. Each session is expected to take around one hour and would be held during a non-working day. Participants will be notified on the schedule of each lecture and those who satisfactorily completed their indicated programme will be awarded a TSI Leadership Programme Certificate with the list of lectures attended printed on it.

“The organisation, through its TSI Debating Society, will organise debates to encourage the young inquisitive minds to exchange ideas freely, regardless of how difficult or challenging their views may be, as civil disagreement is the cornerstone of a progressive society. We live in an open society that is capable of debating ideas and engaging in intellectual discussions on any subjects that broaden our minds and free our spirits to do great things for our nation,” the CSO said.

TSI Leadership Programme, with a tagline “Dare to dream for a better Sarawak”, is now open for registration through its website from aspiring and current leaders including young intellectuals. An introduction to the TSI Leadership Programme video can be viewed at the TSI website and on TSI Facebook and YouTube channels.

Registration fee is RM50 for each participant, which can be paid to The Sarawak Initiatives through internet banking CIMB Bank Account No. 8010-719-266. Sponsorship is also available upon application. Registration Fee is waived for students and unemployed graduates. 

TSI is a non-profit civil society registered with the Malaysian Registry of Societies (ROS). It is committed to building a better Sarawak and this commitment is reflected in its objective below. Please visit and TSI Facebook page (The Sarawak Initiatives), for more information about the organisation. 

The objective of TSI is to promote and help all Sarawakians:-

  1. To attain a high level and standard of education.
  2. To create a peaceful and harmonious living environment.
  3. To cultivate good values and integrity.
  4. To create a unique Sarawak identity based on cultural diversities.
  5. To create a healthy economy.

Further enquiries may be made by contacting TSI on +6019-8767-928.

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