Wednesday, May 25, 2022

RTPs beneficial to community

Secara Rawak

SIBU: Rural Transformation projects (RTPs) will provide many benefits to the local community, said Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Native Law and Customs) Datuk John Sikie Tayai.

According to a spokesperson, he was present during a survey conducted at the sites of four RTPs under the supervision of the Sibu Division Public Works Department (JKR) on Friday.

Sikie, who is also Kakus assemblyman, inspected the RTP at Rumah Steven Ansi at Lubuk Bukut, Selangau which was construction of a cement road in front of the longhouse.

After that, they inspected the RTPs at Rumah Jatang Enyan, Sungai Tau, Selangau; Rumah Ramba Guru, Arip Bridge, Selangau; and Rumah Sulang Dundang Batu 88, Jalan Sibu/Tatau.


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