KUCHING: Disabled children will undergo skills training that will enable them to secure employment.

Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said the state government would provide them with skills training according to their disabilities.

“Before they get employed, they would need to have some skills for them to be employed. Thus we would provide training for the children.

“Once they grow up, they would need to be independent and have a job because we as parents would not be there for them when the time comes.” she said during her visit to Wishesland today (Feb 19).

According to Fatimah, she has met with representatives from the deaf and blind society.

“The deaf, for example, they would need to know the sign language for them to communicate and the blinds would need to learn braille. After learning the communication skills, they would need to find what they are interested in.

“Some of the blinds are academically inclined and they can pursue tertiary education. Some of them now, have successfully become teachers and involved in the teaching line,” she added.

She also mentioned that the government would also fully support non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who are helping the dyslexic, autistic, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities.

“The current facilities provided by the NGOs do not need to be reinvented because they have their own strengths.

“The support that we are giving is in the form of advice, facilities, and training that are unavailable or not provided by the NGO.

“Other than that, we would also support the staffs in upskilling programmes and trainings so that they can enhance their current skills,” she said.