Friday, October 22, 2021

Use MRP funds well

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SIMANGGANG: Every committee must utilise the funds given by the state government appropriately for the benefit of all.

Assistant Community Wellbeing Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis reminded, when handing over minor rural project (MRP) grants to various associations, clubs and organisations here on Friday (Oct 23).

A total of RM43,000 was given to eight recipients. They were Persatuan Perguruan Silat Mayang Mengurai Sarawak Simanggang, Ping Pong Association Sri Aman, Malaysian Government Servants Welfare and Sports Council Sri Aman, Rando club Sri Aman, Land and Survey Social and Sports Club Sri Aman, Village Development and Security Committee of Rh Ayai in Kpg Putat, Badminton Association Sri Aman and Petanque Association Sri Aman.

Also present was Sri Aman District Council deputy chairman Andar Suntai.

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