MIRI: Piasau State Assemblyman, Datuk Sebastian Ting went with morning Cr. Karambir Singh and friends from the Sikh temple to look at the water well which had a long history of over more than a hundred years.

Ting said the land title of the temple land was dated 1919 and during the World War II, that well was believed to be used the only water source for those who stayed nearby.

He added that the Sikh temple committee has a series of plans, one of it is to turn the well into a historical corridor to let everyone knows about the story and the story back in WWII. It has a rich history, he said.

As an Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Arts, Ting said he will inform the Kuching colleagues and requested for an expert to come in and do a proper and thorough study on this to make it a tourist attraction if possible.