KUCHING: Local government and Housing Minister, Datuk’ Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian went to view the progress of  Phase 2 of Batu Kawah Riverbank Park under Sarawak Government.

He said hopefully with the new Federal Government funding for Phase Phase 3 of Batu Kawa Riverbank Park will be allocated so tender can be called soon. 

Dr. Sim added that they need to ‘fight’ for funding for Phase 4 of Batu Kawa Riverbank Park which will be the final missing piece with a bridge across a small river to link with the $10,000,000 Sarawak Government ProjectRakyat 2019 Riverbank protection (DID) for Kpg Rantau Panjang.   

Once completed, he said Batu Kawa Riverbank Park will be more than 1km of walkway (Batu Kawa Old Town to Kpg Rantau Panjang) making it one of the biggest freshwater wetland park (15.5 acres) with all the facilities for the local community in Kuching as well as tourist in Sarawak.