KUCHING; Sarawak is  the first in Malaysia to have a Unit For Other Religions (Unifor) to look after the issues related to other religions so that we can maintain racial and religious harmony. Now the government has setup a state funded charitable trust for none Muslim’s welfare – Unifor Charotable Trust.

 Any Sarawakian irrespective of any religion should be proud of the inclusiveness of CM and state leadership, said SUPP Central woman chief, Kho Teck Wan.

Koh stated that as a responsible and financially savvy government, Sarawak government under the leadership of CM Abang Jo is taking a  sustainable approach to ensure government not only can support Sarawakian now, but in the future as well. 

“Unifor Charitable Trust is one of this sustainable initiative to assist the welfare of none Muslim Sarawakian. It will has the functions similar to Baitumal that take care of Muslim’s Welfare. 

PSB Youth questioned the budget of RM70 millions in building Unifor  Complex. 

“They should know that the setup of Unifor Complex will not only provide office venue for Unifor but generates sustainable income to Unifor Charitable Trust so it can continue to provide funding to take care of the welfare of none Muslim in Sarawak,” she said.

None Muslim constitutes 75% of Sarawak population. The UNIFOR Complex is a symbol of religious harmony, inclusivity and unity in Sarawak, ” she pointed out. 

She said PSB under the leadership of YB DS Wong should be championing and supporting UNIFOR instead of questioning the building of Unifor Complex.