Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) needs your assistance to eliminate the illegal dumping and unsightly littering on our streets roadside, alleys and other public right of way as well as on private areas.

Illegal dumping is the disposition of waste or unwanted materials in unauthorized or undesignated areas. Items dumped may include :

Household refuse
Construction and Renovation/Demolition works
Garden wastes
Furniture and appliances

Most illegal dumping is done to avoid paying the disposal fees at the designated landfills or failure to take the time and effort to dispose of the items properly.

Common areas for dumping may include vacant properties, alley ways, commercial dumpsters and along the road side. Dumping causes devaluation of property, health hazards and storm water pollution.

Items dumped and pollutants find their way into the storm drain system, thus causing flooding, clogged drains and damage to fish, wildlife and plants downstream.

Illegal dumping is an offence under By-law 18(3), The Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws, 1999, any person found guilty of dumping waste illegally can be fine of one thousand ringgit for the first offence and, in the case of second or subsequent offence, a further fine of two thousand ringgit or imprisonment for the six months or both such fine and imprisonment.

Hence, during this crucial time of pandemic COVID19, members of public are reminded to dispose of all waste, especially used masks, carefully and considerately by ensuring their waste is packed in tied or sealed plastic bags before placing the rubbish bags into their garbage bins.

Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) has spent approximately RM 128,000.00 for the year 2019 just for clearing of waste of illegal dumping in our areas.