KUCHING: SUPP Assistant Publicity and Information Secretary, Lo Khere Chiang believed that after the conviction of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, other cases similar in nature must proceed according to rule of law.

Lo who is also Batu Kitang branch Chairman pointed out that Pakatan Harapan(PH) former leader/ prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and their ally DAP have been criticising that Malaysia as a country “ruled by thieves”.

With  former Najib convicted of all seven charges related to RM42 million from SRC International case, they should think otherwise.

“In fact, at this very moment, DAP is still painting a picture that the reopening of Penang Undersea Tunnel probe is politically motivated to frame Lim Guan Eng of corruption.

Clearly, the electoral mandate of Malaysians during 509 in 2018 has gone down the drain with the collapse of PH government, which is now politically null and void. Tun M and DAP had put the blame on Najib, and charged that Malaysia is back to a “dark era” ruled by “thieves”.

Ironically, Najib, the former UMNO president and former PM, who was brought down in 2018,was convicted during such “dark era”, and not the so-called “bright era” during PH’s rule!” he said.

During PH’s rule, Lo said when the prosecutors started investigating Najib’s corruption cases, they withdrew Lim Guan Eng’s corruption cases. The handling of both cases, which yielded no results, was a great disappointment to many.

The short 22-month tenure of PH government – after it took power in 2018 until its collapse before end of February this year, only proved that this elected government could not survive endless internal squabbling. He said Tun Mahathir’s refusal to hand over the powet to Anwar after two years is one of the reaons.

Tun M had repeatedly accused Najib of manipulating everything to cause the downfall of PH, and the formation of Pakatan Nasional after Sheraton move, and resulted in a country ruled by “thieves” again.

DAP further accused PN government for being worsethan before for discharging suspect involved in money laundering.

Now, with the conviction of Najib, all parties should continue to place their trust in the country’s independent judicial system. Next, all other similar cases should be investigated thoroughly according to rule of law.

Regardless from which party or which political affiliation, all suspects must be treated equally. This included the case of Lim controversial bungalow purchase deal which was dropped in 2018 and the re-launched probe into Penang Undersea Tunnel scandal.