SUPP Woman Chief, Kho Teck Wan said it is timely that Minister of Communications and Multimedia Dato Saifuddin called to set up the Anti Cyber-bullying law in Malaysia.

The process of carving the law would involve consultations with stakeholders including the Attorney General’s Chambers, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Malaysian Bar is the right move by the minister.

“Due to the wide reach and exposure of the social media, the intensity and impact of cyber bullying is much severe on the victim while some cowards hide behind the computer with a fake identify to commit cyber bully, which made identifying the perpetrators more complex.

Therefore there is a need to enhance the Cybersecurity skills of our law enforcement, “she added.

She cited examples of Canadian Amanda Todd who commited suicide at the age of 15 after being bullied in school and online and Kenneth Weishuhn who also took his own life at age 14  for being gay and a victim of bully through Facebook and text messages on his cell phone.

At this day and age,  Kho said we are able to communicate faster and more effectively with the help of fast network and online social media.

However, the technology has been used for a darker side to commit crime.

And due to the lack of cyberbullying laws in Malaysia, many criminals may get away with their crimes.

She hoped the government will look into this seriously and urgently as the impact is not physical but emotional which sometimes are more damaging.