KUCHING: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party Pujut Branch together with Krokop Sub Branch released statement which respond to the statement of Lawrence Lai being interested to become Sarawak state election candidate for N.74 Pujut. 

Any party members whom are intereted to become N.74 Pujut candidate must have the requirement below: 

1) Must be the member of SUPP Pujut Branch or Krokop Sub Branch. 

2) Must get the agree and support from the Branch and Sub Branch committees.

3) Must have the majority support from the voters. 

SUPP Pujut is not allowing any others branch members slotting in directly to our candidate without the approval from SUPP Pujut and SUPP Krokop committee. Before this, Lai never had the experience in on ground services to our voters, he has no idea on the needs of our voters. 

Hence, any candidate whom are interested to be the candidate must get the agree and support from SUPP Pujut and SUPP Krokop. Our party is not allowing anyone who use the media to announce his/her interested to become the candidate and get the chances to take the seat directly.

SUPP Pujut Chairmain Adam Yii has been leading the team to walk around to understand the voters’ needs, to solve the problems faced by the voters for a long time. 

However, currently there is non of the member of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly for N.74 Pujut, but SUPP Pujut and Krokop servicing teams are still working hard to serve N.74 Pujut voters, eg. help voters to apply Kenyalang Gold Card, distribute food rations during MCO period, distribute face masks to public and schools, help public to apply any programs related to Government, solve public’s questions and problems, and etc.

SUPP Pujut Chairman Adam Yii had been working hard to setup SUPP Krokop sub branch office and we had get a great support from the public. 

He agreed to sponsor us for using his property as our SUPP Krokop sub branch service center, while, we had setup our election operation room, ready to serve Krokop people better. Adam Yii had lead and supervise the teams to ready the equipments, complete the structure of committee, human resources arrangement, party task arrangements and etc.