Friday, June 25, 2021

Parti Bumi Kenyalang: Dr Mahathir’s suggestion to have Afdal to be PM childish

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Should Sabah and Sarawak allow a PM from East Malaysia a Puppet Of Malaya?

A PM from East Malaysia is nothing but a puppet of Malaya. With 56 seats from East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak will still not able to control Malaya dominance, suppression and oppression against Sabah and Sarawak by Malaya.

The PM from East Malaysia will not be able to carry the heavy aircraft carrier in the stormy seas. It is a joke if he could.

We have not settled on the legality of MA63 yet and the flaws surrounding MA63 should be exploited to the maximum before Sabah and Sarawak should agree to have anything to do with Malaya. The suggestion of Dr. Mahathir to have Abdal from Sabah to be PM is childish and those who agree with him from Sabah and Sarawak are not only selling their own conscience but are clowns.

Terms and conditions must be set first before we jump into the pit. We had in the past made many mistakes and yet we want another mistake by getting some people in Malaya to stay in power without realising we are pawns in the political game for their benefit.

The terms to be agreed should include at least include

* Malaya to pay all moneys from our our and gas taken by Malaya.All debts from our oil and gas must be returned within a specified time
* Petronas no more to operate in our territory and all oil and gas operations be by companies set up by Sabah and Sarawak
* Take back our oil and gas and all marine wealth, territorial waters and boundaries lost to Malaya
* return all taxes taken by Malaya from Sabah and Sarawak within a specified time.
* Sabah and Sarawak should have two-thirds of all 222 Parliamentary seats
*freedom of religion to be practiced in Sabah and Sarawak with no official religion
*return all undeveloped lands taken by the federal government
* Sabah and Sarawak be allowed to have their own armies for their defence.
* Sabah and Sarawak should be allowed to have their own education systems.

In Quest Of Independence

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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