MIRI: Datuk Sebastian Ting urged all Sarawakians working in West Malaysia to contact Rumah Sarawak, KL at telephone 03-26927595 if they are in dire need of help.

Ting who is also the Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture said he sympathized with a Sarawakian who tried to walk from Selayang to KL International Airport (KLIA)  after running out of money on Thursday. 

He said they were unaware of the victim’s plight.

He was thankful that Kuan Chee Heng whom he knew personally had came to the aid of the Sarawakian and even give him RM200 for pocket money to return. 

The victim was forced to return after his factory he was working was shut down.

Ting said Kuan is a kind man who would help anyone who is in real need and thanked him for helping out a fellow Sarawakian. He was glad that the victim has arrived safely back to Sarawak.

Asking those who genuinely need help, Ting said when he was appointed Assistant Minister, he went to Rumah Sarawak  last year and found that they were there to aid any Sarawakian who are in trouble.