Saturday, May 21, 2022

Unimas joins the race in making face shields, ear guards for front-liners

Secara Rawak

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The Makerspace team from the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology (FCSIT), volunteered to make 3D printed face shields for the medical front-liners with the impending COVID-19 pandemic.

The team have been printing the masks since March 2020 after they were granted permission from the university to work at the lab during the MCO period. 

At the same time, two other UNIMAS faculties also participated in producing face shields for front-liners. Inspired with the efforts shown by the 3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID-19 Facebook page

The Makerspace team decided to pool their expertise and do their part following reports of personal protective equipment shortages faced by front-liners. The original 3D face shield design can be obtained here.

To suit the face mask type (duck-billed face mask) of front-liner, the team has improved the original face shield design by adding extra 1cm gap between the head band to forehead.

To date, the team handed over 1600 face shields to various clinics, hospitals and UNIMAS front-liners.

The team also printed ear guards to help face mask wearers protect their ears and keep their masks in place. 

More than 550 pieces have been printed and delivered to Sarawak General Hospital and a total of 190 pieces were distributed to UNIMAS front-liners.

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