Sarawak today reports one new death case.

The latest victim 40 years old is a lecturer from Kota Samarahan.

He passed away at the Sarawak General Hospital. The two (2) deaths yesterday, 47 years old male in Kuching and 41 years old female in Miri are still being investigated.

We have now a few new clusters beside the five that the Health Department has already established.

We also record twenty-one (21) positive cases today with 20 at the Sarawak General Hospital and one at the Sibu Hospital.

These have brought the total number of positive cases to 135.

We have now increased our capacity to do the Polymerase Chain Reaction or (PCR) testing and this explains why we have detected more positive cases.

UNIMAS is now helping the Sarawak General Hospital with this PCR testing.

Sibu Hospital since last night has begun to do its PCR testing.

We are now in the process of getting the Miri and Bintulu Hospitals to develop their capacity in doing similar testing.

As such, we would like to urge more people who have either been in close or casual contact with anyone from all our Covid-19 clusters and those who had travelled to the infected countries mid-February this year to come forward to do the screening.

Please do not wait, as it may cost you your live or that of your family, relatives and others as well as our fellow Sarawakians.

For the records too, we have 46 new Patients Under Investigation (PUI) cases. Since yesterday 93 patients are still in our various hospitals.

We have nine in the Intensive care units of which eight are in Sarawak General Hospital and one in Sibu Hospital.

To date, we have discharged 14 patients. Nine are from the Sarawak General Hospital, four from Sibu Hospital and one from Miri Hospital.


Sarawak will not follow the new nationwide time restriction under the MCO from 8am to 8pm.

We will stick to the 7am to 7pm schedule that we have enforced.

This decision is in view of the fact that if we were to change it could result in confusion among the public and disruption to the operations of businesses and especially those in the logistics and transportation sectors.

Whatever the new time restriction, the objective is still the same.

We want people to STAY AT HOME.

This will allow us to stop further transmission of the Covid-19.

This is of utmost importance.

We still have many cars on the road now.


The State Disaster Management Committee is now looking at setting up more quarantine centre for Kuching.

The Amiruddin Baki Education Leadership and Management Training Institute and the LDHN Academy here are being proposed to cope up with any eventuality.

In addition, we are looking at the Royal Custom and Excise Academy.

LEARNING FROM THE CHINESE EXPERIENCE IN DEALING WITH COVID-19 We are still getting the Chinese medical experts from the Fujian Provincial Government to share their experiences and technical expertise in dealing with Covid-19.

We are doing this through weekly video conferencing.

We appreciate all the help we can get in dealing with these unseen killers.


The police had arrested a total of 276 people who had gone against the MCO state-wide from 18 March to 31 March, 2020.

Yesterday alone 46 people were arrested.

A group of 66 had been charged in Court.

54 of them had been given the jail term of between one to four months and 12 fined between RM1, 000.00 to RM2, 000.00.

Another 17 had pleaded not guilty.


31st MARCH 2020