Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Idris Buang commenting on the resignation of Lateefa Koya

Secara Rawak

“Firestorm of controversies’

In the first place, her taking the the job itself was not quite welcome by many sections of the people in this country as she was very much a politician with partisan inclination.

That was enough to bring up the “hue & cry” of the possibility of bias, even though she had since resigned as a PKR/PH member.

Why so? Because the overused phrase “once a politician he/she will always be a politician” still holds true in our everyday life.

Politicians or “ex-politicians” holding such critical and powerful position in a law enforcement agency like MACC, are naturally predisposed to wrangle in an inevitable firestorm of controversies.

Therefore there is no surprise at all that with the unprecedented shifting of the ground in Malaysian politics, our dear Lateefa has thought it fit “to call it a day” and surrender the heavily badged & decorated uniform!

Datuk Idris Buang

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