We have just watched YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s live broadcast speech.

In an immediate response, we are vindicated by his statement which reflects exactly what we had said yesterday. YAB Tun’s statement has reinforced our stance that reconciliation and healing are paramount.

We reiterate our fullest support for this old wise man to lead the nation as our economy is getting a battering by global issues and now, our country’s political impasse. He has the experience and he had saved our country from global financial crisis once before.

These past few days, the numbers game has put strain on everyone and unnecessarily stressed the nation. We therefore welcome YAB Tun’s formula of a National Government that is inclusive and non-partisan. This is a new direction for our country which we wholly welcome.

The best and wisest way forward is to rise up from this quagmire of instability and build bridges across all sides. Reconciliation is not just a fine word but real action that we must all take in order to bring healing to this nation now.

Again, we ask you to trust us as we navigate a course out of this unfortunate situation. Our priority now is to stabilise the political situation. Do not believe everything you read online. Too many false rumours and conspiracy theories are making the rounds. Wait to hear from us to know the truth and what actually transpired.

Pray for us, for YAB Tun and for our beloved nation Malaysia. God bless.

Baru Bian
Ali Biju
Willie Mongin

26th February 2020