Monday, August 8, 2022

Join the Wataniah call

Secara Rawak

SEMATAN: The Regiment 511 Askar Wataniah (Reserve Army) is encouraging participation from the Chinese community.

Its commander Brigadier General Abang Mohamad Abang Marzuki stated that participation from the Chinese community is important in order to maintain the stability and security of the state.

“The Chinese are the second biggest race in the state so we need them for the volume.

“If the Chinese join us, they will understand the roles and responsibilities of the army.

“At present, the majority of the regiment is the Bumiputera and we cannot put this duty to one race alone. We need all hands-on board,” he said.

He said this when officiating at the parade of the 40th anniversary of Regiment 511 Askar Wataniah held at Sematan Camp yesterday.

The parade involved 25 officers and 276 other ranks led by First Battalion Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mahadi Khalid.

The promotion ceremony involved one officer and six other ranks.

When asked on the regiment’s strength, he said that the regiment would at least be in the top three in the country in terms of volume.

“We have about 2,800 personnel in this regiment and that is why it is safe for me to say we shall be in at least the top three,” he said.

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