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PKR Sarawak will stand behind Zuraida

Secara Rawak

We, in Sarawak note with alarm that the PKR disciplinary committee has convened to issue a show cause letter to PKR Vice President Zuraida Kamaruddin. This said committee is taking disciplinary action against her for purported comments made during a speech made at a “Shared Prosperity Vision” function on December 8 2019, at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.


Zuraida, who is also the Pakatan Harapan Wanita Chief, is a stalwart of PKR’s political struggle, and has made PKR Wanita Wing and Indeed PKR itself the force that it is today. Throughout PKR’s years in the wilderness, when the Ketua Umum ( Anwar ) was in jail, Zuraida was a pillar of strength & support for all members. During PKR’s formative years Zuraida would be a perennial presence in the many electoral campaigns throughout the country and never failed to render assistance whenever she was needed.

Our wanita comrades recall fondly of working with her through the wee hours of the day and putting up with the most basic of accommodation in remote areas with her, they did so willingly because she would never ask of them what she could not do.

Kak Zu as she is fondly addressed by Sarawakians, was the first Federal Minister to Land in Sarawak following the change in government. To date she remains the Federal Minister who has regularly visited Sarawak to attend to the needs of the State. Working tirelessly to work around the unaccommodating environment put up by the opposition state government.

PKR Sarawak will stand behind her without hesitation.


Kak Zu is also known as being no nonsense, does not hesitate to speak her mind especially when it is the truth. She does not mince her words, and will always call a spade a spade , She has never been known to falter from a challenge, being very vocal in Malaysia’s “Cowgate” resulted in legal challenges but this Iron Lady has stood her ground and eventually proven to be right.

Thence this show cause letter , intending to stifle her is not popular and seen as outright censorship amongst the party faithful and grassroots alike. This will not augur well amongst right thinking people, and therefore We call for the Party leadership to rescind this action and retract the disciplinary committee’s letter forthwith without any conditions to avoid any unnecessary negative view of the party in the public sphere.


Further, it is no secret that Kak Zu has always been supportive of Dato Seri Azmin Ali’s efforts to develop and strengthen the party from within. Therefore this misconceived action by the disciplinary committee might be misconstrued that the action against Kak Zu is a continuation of internal party strife. This goes directly against the wishes of our beloved Party President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who has stated in no uncertain terms, that “the public is bored” with the politicking within the party.

The recent results in the Kimanis by election and other elections are clear messages from the electorate, that bickering must stop.

It is without doubt that the Disciplinary committee has the power to issue such a show cause letter, but they are reminded that “with great power come great responsibility”. They will do well to retract their letter.

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