KUCHING: Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) officers have been urged to remain committed to delivering clean water statewide.

Utilities Minister Datuk Seri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom was thankful to them for their efforts, but he insisted that their work was far from over.

“By 2025, every part of Sarawak will have clean and safe water supplies, which is not easy to achieve,” he said.

He admitted that their work was tough and there was still so much to do, so if it meant that they had to sleep at their workplaces to facilitate their tasks, he was all for it.

“Yes, sleep in the office if you must. Work hard so that we can fulfil the vision,” he said when addressing the officers during the department’s Excellent Service Award dinner at a hotel here last Wednesday.

“I don’t want to hear complaints being lodged repeatedly by the public. One is okay, two is still okay; if was have three, four, five, then there’s something wrong with us,” he said.

While urging them to work in teams in order to be more effective, Rundi also urged them to be always on their toes.

“We don’t need the public to thank us. We are paid to do our jobs, our duties,” he said.

“Our human resource officers also have to work hard to strengthen our structure and facilitate new engineers. We don’t want that to be an excuse for us to not deliver our services well,” he said.