SUPP lends a helping hand 


KUCHING: SUPP Public Complaints Bureau (SUPP PCB) Chief, Wilfred Yap was recently approached by a five  scavenger workers at BDC Recycling Centre after they received information that their services would be terminated by Kuching City South Council.

The scavenger workers had informed that they have been working at the BDC Recycling Centre for the last seven years when they were first given permission by Kuching City South Council to separate discarded clothing and other items by the public for recycling purposes. 

Not all the clothing or items discarded by the public at the BDC Recycling Centre are recyclable and their income came from the sale of clothing and items that they had separated and sorted out as Kuching City South Council does not pay them a daily or monthly salary.

The scavenger workers also informed SUPP Public Complaints Bureau that they earn their  meagre livelihood at BDC Recycling Centre and that it is their only source of income to support their families. The scavenger  workers also informed that they have always followed and obeyed the instruction and directives by officers of the council to clean and maintain the BDC Recycling Centre.

Following the request for assistance received, SUPP Public Complaints Bureau have appealed on behalf of the scavenger workers on a humanitarian basis and natural justice to be allowed to continue to operate at BDC Recycling Centre to enable them to earn their meagre livelihood to support their families  and not push them into a desperate situation with the loss of their only source of income. The predicament that the scavenger workers are currently facing have also been communicated to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and the Chief Minister’s office.

SUPP PCB Wilfred Yap  also hopes that Kuching City South Council  would evaluate, prioritize and enhance their policies on assisting the poor by empowering them to improve their access to livelihoods or employment opportunities. 

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau is always ready to highlight and try to resolve issues of public interest affecting the community through the relevant authorities. SPCB is also ever ready to lend a helping hand to anyone facing problems or who come across problems of public interest but does not know how to deal with it.