KUCHING:  In view of the incidence pertaining to the uprooted trees and fallen branches along the road in DBKU’s jurisdiction during the heavy and strong wind yesterday evening, all motorists and road users are advised to be more cautious while driving/riding during current rainy season in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances which may cause mishap to one and also to public at large.

Citing to that incidence, as a city administrator of Kuching North, DBKU roles/actions are as follows:-

1. All uprooted trees and fallen branches that obstructing traffic flow will be removed immediately and clearing of debris are within 3 days.

2. Conducting regular tree management through thorough inspection and mitigation exercise on all roadside trees and parks.

3. Conducting timely health check on trees at identified areas.

4. Trees that were planted more than 30 years and have reach maturity age, DBKU are responsible for reviewing the condition, identifying hazard and making it safer to public.

5. Cutting all trees along the road may not be the advisable solution; hence only identified trees that pose high risk to public will be cut by phases in accordance to work schedule and replaced with new and suitable trees that can withstand strong wind.