KUCHING: The proposal to implement the Village Committee Management Council (MPKK) in Sarawak has been objected by Ketua Masyarakat Melayu Bahagian Kuching (KMKK).

“As a community leader at grassroots level, I’d like to remind that all of us must unite for our own prosperity and harmony in Sarawak.

“If we don’t object to the implementation of MPKK, it will affect our existing unity,” Temenggong Datuk Mohd Helmi Mohd Gol said during a press conference at a hotel here yesterday.

Helmi expressed concern that MPKK would cause friction among community leaders as their roles overlapped those of Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK).

He added that MPKK was only formed to divide people at the grassroots level and a sympathy ploy, claiming that it was concerned about development in villages.

“Personally, I cannot see the logic as we already have JKKK. Nobody else can do it better in terms of managing villages than our own.”

Meanwhile at the same press conference, he explained that the association had not reached a resolution on the issue.

He disclosed that a meeting would be convened with the private secretary of the Chief Minister, Datuk Khir Busrah.

Helmi explained that if the federal government insisted on the idea of MPKK, the association would resort to political avenue as they had the backing of the Chief Minister and other members in the Cabinet.

“The issue not only affects us but also other leaders in the state. I am confident that Sarawak leaders will do what is best of us,” he expressed.

Pemanca Lundu Ibrahim Suni, Pemanca Kuching Utara Roshidi Junai and Pemanca Kuching Selatan Rosli Sahari also stressed that they were against MPKK.

The programme yesterday attracted around 110 community leaders from Lundu, Bau, North Kuching, Kuching, among others.