Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Postpone UPSR, says SUPP Woman Chief 

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: As the API reading passed the 200 mark yesterday, SUPP Woman Chief, Kho Teck Wan said she is concern to hear that there will be no change on the UPSR examination schedules in Sarawak even if the haze condition persisted until next week.

Although UPSR candidates will be advised to put on face mask, she said, the reading of 200 and above is classified as very unhealthy.

 According to the standard operating procedures provided by the Ministry of Education, school in haze effected area should be closed immediately should the API reading exceeded 200.

She was concerned over the announcement made by the Ministry of Education to continue the UPSR exam should the API reading worsen and understood that the tremendous potential cost and efforts that the ministry may incurred should the national exam be rescheduled. However,  she said, extra precautionary efforts should be made and shouldn’t limit to providing a face mask.

“Who should be responsible for the possible severe health problem or even loss of life should it happened during the exam due to the very unhealthy level of air pollution?,” shed said.

“I would also like to inquire if the face masks distributed to Sarawak schools today are respirators that will protect wearer from harmful dust. Anak Sarawak are equally precious as any child in Malaysia, and I sincerely urge the Ministry of Education to plan rigorously should UPSR exam be carried out when API exceeds 200,” she added

She hopes the Ministry make their decisions based on protecting the school children’s safely as their number one priority.

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