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Blast victim wants compensation

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KUCHING: A survivor of the CityOne Megamall blast last December intends to seek legal advice on compensation six months after the incident.

Nur Hafirdawilla Mohd Sulaiman, 30, a former employee of the megamall was on duty at the megamall when the blast happened.

She told New Sarawak Tribune she was seeking financial reparation for injuries and psychological trauma caused by the blast.

“I can’t recall a lot about the day itself although I was conscious. It is as if my mind has blocked the memories out. Most of the victims were screaming. I was really traumatised.

Nur Hafirdawilla recovered from her injuries.

“What I do remember was that it was chaotic after the blast and I was rushed to the Sarawak General Hospital for medical attention.

“I only regained consciousness after half a month in the intensive care unit (ICU),” she said yesterday.

Nur Hafirdawilla added as she was brought out of the premises with burns on her face, abdominal area, hands and legs and traces of blood all over her body.

“My hair, which was burned off in the blast, had to be cut off by paramedics.

“Only God knows the excruciating pain that I had to undergo,” she said, adding that her previous employer told her that there would be no compensation.

“I was paid my salary as a washer and the only assistance I received was in the form of fish essence (pati haruan) and collagen. However, I have only received the assistance twice.”

Nur Hafirdawilla said, “It is only right for me to demand compensation. I had to pay for my own medical expenses. I have been jobless from about five months now and I am depending on my father for financial support. Furthermore, my mother is currently undergoing dialysis.”

She revealed she had to forgo her medical follow-ups on several occasions due to financial constraint although she was receiving RM250 monthly aid from Baitulmal.

“I applied for the aid,” said Nur Hafirdawilla, the eldest of four siblings.

She said she had been working at the premises less than a month when the blast happened.

Nur Hafirdawilla, who has recovered from her injuries, revealed, “I’m not alone seeking compensation from my former employer.

“There are about 10 of us doing the same, engaging different lawyers, as we feel that we were not cared for and therefore, it is only right for us to seek legal action.”

Nur Hafirdawilla was among the ten victims of the Cityone Megamall blast who were seriously injured.

The blast killed three people and left 41 injured.

Following initial investigations by the department’s forensic team, State Fire and Rescue Department director Khiruddin Drahman confirmed that it was caused by gas leakage.

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