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Classroom to help Malays master Mandarin

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KUALA LUMPUR: Due to her desire to see more Malays master Mandarin, a former journalist left the newsroom to be in the classroom.

Never in her wildest dreams did 35-year-old Nurainn Azhar think that she would be involved in the education world, after becoming a journalist for nine years since she graduated from a higher learning institution.

“As a former journalist, of course, I never had teaching experience, especially on the Mandarin language although I had studied at Chinese language schools from kindergarten to secondary school.

“However, it was not a barrier to me to share my knowledge on the language with others. Mandarin is definitely not an easy language to master.

“Therefore, I will always prepare extra learning materials to attract students’ interest, and ensure learning sessions run in the most concise way,” she told Bernama.

Nurainn also admitted that at the beginning of her part-time Mandarin tutor job, she was lacking in confidence (about teaching the language) but over time, the feelings were overcome when she saw her students able to speak and write well in Mandarin.

“The most unforgettable experience since I became a tutor was when I was addressed as Lao Shi (teacher in the Mandarin language) and received Happy Teacher’s Day greetings from students of all ages and backgrounds,” she said.

The Selangor-born Nurainn said her involvement as a tutor began last January when she was offered an opportunity to become a private teaching instructor in Bangi and Setiawangsa.

After two months, she said the desire to share Mandarin language speaking abilities with others encouraged her to set up tuition classes known as Cikgu Ainn Mandarin Class in Sungai Buloh and Shah Alam, Selangor, with a friend.

According to her, the classes were for people to pick up Mandarin speaking and writing skills at affordable fees.  — BERNAMA

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