Am I wrong in putting the question to YB Violet as ADUN for Pending as to how much the federal government has allocated as development funds for Pending constituency in 2019?

Am I wrong in further putting the question to YB Violet out of 569 approved federal development projects as alleged, how many development projects are to be implemented in her Pending constituency, Kuching?

It is in her FB posting on May 29 that YB Violet Yong had uploaded the so-called “details of the 569 Pakatan Harapan federal projects in Sarawak for 2019” spelling out the total project cost is RM41 billion & RM4.3 billion for this year allocation by the federal government to carry out those projects.

I questioned YB Violet Yong on the amount of federal allocations for Pending constituency for development purpose and how many federal development projects (out of 569 approved projects) have been undertaken in Pending constituency this year.

I also questioned her the number of development projects from the previous government, which were continued by the PH government, as well as the newly-approved ones by the PH new government.

I also urged DAP YB Violent to be more transparent and provide clearer details of the development projects in Sarawak, especially in her very own constituency of Pending for the benefit of doubts of the voters in Pending.

Disappointingly, YB Violet chose not to answer my simple questions by providing facts and statistic to the public and she tends to evade the questions by directing me to go through proper channels for official information that I need, such as writing to the Federal Finance Minister Mr. Lim Guan Eng for the same (am I supposed to assume her role as YB & as if I were the ADUN for Pending?), instead of demanding answers through the press or social media such as FB. If that is the case, why people elected you as YB in the very first place?

I stress that it is one of the duties of YB/ADUN for Pending to disclose to the public especially to the Pending voters as to how much the development funds (out of RM 4.3 billion) have been allocated for Pending and how many federal development projects have been undertaken in Pending for year 2019.

I may not be as experience as YB Violet Yong (who has been there as ADUN Pending for 13 years) in diverting the issue yet she fails to answer my straightforward and valid questions regarding the development issues in Pending. Do not try to divert attention as a common tactics played by DAP leaders as always.

It is even odd when she stated that I should not question her on the amount of allocations for only certain areas, such as Pending, because the figures are for the whole state.

Why am I not allowed to direct such a valid question to her as ADUN for Pending on the same as well as how much she had fought for the allocations in Pending for year 2019?

She went on to say that the 569 approved federal development projects throughout the state of Sarawak which include the upgrading & repairing schools, building more classrooms for schools, upgrading roads, bridges, drains, building rumah mesra rakyat so on and so forth. But how about upgrading schools in Pending as as SK Kenyalang which is in urgent need of more classrooms?

How about upgrading and repairing the main roads in Pending such as Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Utama, Jalan Datuk Marikan Salleh?

How about upgrading & constructing the long-awaited concrete drains situated at Lorong 1T & 1V of Jalan Foochow in Pending?

How about constructing “Rumah Mesra Rakyat” in Pending to eliminate the squatter issues within Pending constituency such as those living in the wooden house at South Peace Road, Kampung Sg. Periok & Kampung Seri Maimunah etc?

Lastly, she also mentioned that she is very delighted to see new governmental clinics (ie. Klinik Kesihatan) are scheduled to be undertaken in areas such as Tabuan Jaya, 17th Miles Siburan & Sibuyao.

As my last question to her, how about the long-awaited and urgently required upgrading works of Klinik Kesihatan Tanah Puteh in Pending which is situated at her very own constituency?